Metabolite Generation and Characterization by NMR

Metabolite Generation and Characterization by NMRElsevier book front cover

In Chapter 4 of the book on “Identification and quantification of drugs, metabolites, drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters”, Hypha authors summarise the different methods employed for producing metabolites of drugs, illustrated with representative examples from the literature and work undertaken at Hypha. The chapter also includes a discussion and examples of the use of NMR spectroscopy for structure elucidation of metabolites.

About the book

Identification and Quantification of Drugs, Metabolites, Drug Metabolizing Enzymes, and Transporters, Second Edition, is completely updated to provide an overview of the last decade’s numerous advances in analytical technologies for detection and quantification of drugs, metabolites, and biomarkers. This new edition goes beyond LC-MS and features all-new chapters on how to evaluate drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion, potential for hepatic and renal toxicity, immunogenicity of biotherapeutics and translational tools for predicting human dosage, safety and efficacy of small molecules and biologics. This book will be an important handbook and desk reference for pharmacologists, toxicologists, clinical scientists, and students interested in the fields of pharmacology, biochemistry, and drug metabolism.



Chapter 4 Metabolite generation and characterization by NMR. In: Identification and quantification of drugs, metabolites, drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters. Second edition. 2020. Eds Shuguang Ma and Swapan Chowdhury. Elsevier Science
Paperback ISBN: 9780128200186
eBook ISBN: 9780128200193
DOI: 10.1016/C2018-0-03355-1

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