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Specialists in the synthesis, purification and characterisation of drug and agrochemical metabolites, API degradates, and natural products

Your trusted partner in pharmaceutical and agrochemical R&D

Hypha Discovery is a specialist CRO supporting pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies worldwide. We are experts in:

  • Scalable synthesis, purification and identification of drug metabolites
  • Production of late-stage oxidised derivatives of lead compounds
  • Synthesis, purification and identification of manufacturing impurities and degradation products 
  • Production, purification and structure elucidation of natural products, including strain improvement

Our Metabolite Expertise

Hypha’s One-Stop Metabolite Shop

We offer a comprehensive suite of techniques – Hypha’s One Stop Metabolite Shop – for provision of even the most difficult-to-synthesise metabolite. We use chemical synthesis, microbial biotransformation, recombinant enzymes such as PolyCYPs, and mammalian liver and other tissue fractions. We are also experts in purification of metabolites from biological matrices, and structure elucidation by cryoprobe NMR.

Our strategy allows production of phase 1 and 2 metabolites from microgram scale for definitive MetID, and up to multi mg / gram scale for further biological evaluation and provision of certified bioanalytical standards.

We also provide a service to access gut metabolites using human faecal incubations performed under anaerobic conditions.

Chemical Synthesis

Late-stage chemical glucuronidation

Mammalian biotransformation

Panels of liver S9s / microsomes

Purification & structure elucidation

COAs, acquisition / interpretation of NMR data

Recombinant enzymes

PolyCYPs, hrCYPs, AOX, FMOs

Our Products

Hypha has developed several recombinant enzyme products that can be accessed, either for use in your own lab, or by contracting Hypha to do the testing

To access phase I drug metabolites, Hypha has key enzymes including a set of proprietary diverse microbial CYPs called PolyCYPs®, as well as human recombinant aldehyde oxidase (AOX1) and all five human isoforms of flavin monooxygenase (FMOs). Each enzyme is cloned into E.coli and validated against a panel of relevant drug substrates to demonstrate utility.

A set of 18 PolyCYPs enzymes, AOX1 and FMO3 are available in a kit form called PolyCYPs+. PolyCYPs can also be used as an effective tool to expand the medicinal chemistry toolbox to access late-stage oxidised derivatives of drugs. Hydroxylation has been identified by scientists as “a key tactic to consider as part of a late-stage functionalization strategy” (Bostrom et al., 2018). PolyCYPs can address this need by providing a fast and easy way to hydroxylate aliphatic or aromatic moieties at multiple sites in parallel.

PolyCYPs kits

PolyCYPs+ kits are simple to use. They contain all co-factors needed to screen a drug substrate for oxidised metabolites, as well as a control compound and formulant for poorly water-soluble test compounds. 

In addition to the enzymes supplied in PolyCYPs+ kits, Hypha also offer a service to screen compounds against any of our recombinant enzymes, including all five human FMO isoforms.

All recombinant enzymes are fully scalable to provide larger quantities of metabolites. Scale-up vials of PolyCYPs+ enzymes are available, as well as the ability to scale-up large quantities of metabolites at Hypha as a service offering. We can also undertake purification and structure elucidation of metabolites by NMR spectroscopy.

Scientist using polycyps kit

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