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PolyCYPs+ kits contain 20 enzymes effective for producing a wide range of phase 1 metabolites. As well as 18 PolyCYPs enzymes, the kit also contains human aldehyde oxidase (AOX1) and the main human hepatic flavin-containing monooxygenase (FMO3), with other human FMO isoforms also available from Hypha. PolyCYPs® enzymes have been mined from talented actinomycete bacteria in Hypha’s biotransformation panel, providing a wide diversity of CYPs that oxidize a variety of drug compounds. Both human and other mammalian CYP-mediated metabolites can be produced.

Hypha’s One-Stop Metabolite Shop enables synthesis, purification and characterization of all the main types of mammalian phase 1 and 2 metabolites. We use chemical synthesis, microbial biotransformation, mammalian tissue fractions (multiple species of S9s and microsomes) plus recombinant enzymes such as PolyCYPs, and human recombinant CYPs, AOX1 and FMOs 1 to 5.

We offer a comprehensive suite of techniques for provision of even the most difficult-to-synthesize metabolites, comprising chemical synthesis, recombinant enzymes, microbial biotransformation, mammalian liver fractions, in addition to the purification of metabolites from biological matrices. Hypha scientists are also experts in structural elucidation via NMR spectroscopy.

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