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What we do

Hypha Discovery is a specialist CRO supporting pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies worldwide through the production of metabolites and late-stage derivatives of drugs and agrochemicals in discovery and development.

We are experts in the scalable synthesis, purification and identification of drug metabolites and oxidised derivatives of lead compounds, and also possess a wealth of experience in the production, purification and structure elucidation of natural products.

We also use our purification expertise to isolate and identify manufacturing impurities and degradation products.

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NMR Spectroscopy and Structure Elucidation

NMR Spectroscopy and Structure Elucidation

• State-of-the-art NMR instrumentation

• Quantitative NMR

• Interpretation and documentation of spectra

Solutions for metabolite synthesis

Hypha Discovery offer a comprehensive suite of techniques for provision of even the most difficult-to-synthesise metabolite, comprising chemical synthesisrecombinant enzymes such as PolyCYPsmicrobial biotransformationmammalian liver fractions as well as the purification of metabolites from biological matrices. We are also experts in the structure elucidation of metabolites by NMR spectroscopy.

Chemical Synthesis

Late-stage chemical glucuronidation

Mammalian biotransformation

Panels of liver S9s / microsomes

Purification & structure elucidation

COAs, acquisition / interpretation of NMR data

Recombinant enzymes

PolyCYPs, hrCYPs, AOX, FMOs

PolyCYPs kits

PolyCYPs+ screening kits comprise 18 PolyCYP isoforms together with the addition of other phase 1 enzymes. Human aldehyde oxidase (AOX1) and the main human hepatic flavin-containing monooxygenase (FMO3) are included in the kit, with the other human FMO isoforms, available separately at Hypha.

Inclusion of multiple PolyCYPs isoforms broadens coverage of reactions, and which have been proven to produce human and other mammalian CYP-derived metabolites including multi-step metabolites and metabolites of low turnover drugs.

PolyCYPS+ screening kit packaging

Simple, Effective, Scalable

Produce CYP, AOX & FMO metabolites

Generate multiple hydroxylated and other oxidised derivatives of lead compounds in parallel

About Us

Delivering a first class service to our clients worldwide

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Hypha Discovery is your trusted global partner. We are go-to experts for metabolite solutions and have worked with many of the top pharma and agrochemical companies worldwide to deliver projects.


We will work with you to design a custom solution that meets your needs and which can be adapted in response to project milestones.


We pride ourselves on our client focused approach. Our scientists will work with you to personally deliver your project.

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