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Feedback from our Clients

Feedback From Our Clients

Hypha work with many large and small companies globally. We have supported 8 out of 10 of the top pharma and 4 out of 5 of the top agrochemical companies in provision of metabolites of drugs and agrochemicals. Hypha also support clients to achieve successful outcomes for natural product projects.

We are proud of our excellent reputation in the industry and take pride in doing all we can to achieve successful project outcomes for our clients.

Read some of the feedback from our clients below.

“I am thrilled to share my testimonial on the remarkable achievement of synthesizing the N-glucuronide and O-glucuronide of our development compound at Hypha Discovery. As a chemist experienced in both synthetic and analytical chemistry, I am pleased to provide my feedback on this significant accomplishment. This synthesis posed numerous formidable challenges due to the structural complexity, resulting in the formation of multiple glucuronide isomers and purification challenges, which were overcome with great success. I extend my heartfelt congratulations and sincere gratitude to the Hypha Team for their exceptional dedication and skill in completing both the synthesis and purification stages.”

Vijay Reddy PhD, Senior Director Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics and ADME

“We have been very much impressed with the experience at Hypha Discovery. Hypha has provided us not only the services with high quality but also superior expertise in the field. From the study design, flow, production estimation to the timeline of the final product delivery, every single step was well planned. We were able to receive the high quality product in time. The communication was always quick and effective. There is no doubt that we will work with Hypha in the future when needed.”

Yan Zhang, Senior Director DMPK

“Hypha's team did an excellent job by synthesizing the glucuronide for our project. They obtained the right structure which was not the one expected (as several options were possible). Sometimes, LC/MS-MS fragmentation do not deliver the right results. Hypha corrected the structure after NMR investigation. Now we have this important glucuronide for us with the right structure and have the good answer for the project. We really appreciated the hard work and the flexibility of the team to deliver the material.”

Phillipe Guedat, CEO

alkermes logo

"The services conducted by Hypha allowed Alkermes to enhance our “Late Stage Functionalization” efforts to rapidly expand our SAR understanding inside projects. In particular, the PolarExplorer work allowed facile generation of hydroxylated compounds possessing a complex molecular core. We look forward to engaging Hypha in the future because their team is professional, and their services complement our internal synthetic efforts for delivering new molecules.”

Brian Aquila, Director of Medicinal Chemistry

incyte logo

“We contacted Hypha Discovery to generate specific phase I and phase II metabolite standards in sufficient quantities and purity to allow structural confirmation and quantitation. Hypha exceeded expectations, providing 60mg of a phase I metabolite and over 100mg of a phase II metabolite at high purity. Hypha’s team was a pleasure to work with and communicative and responsive throughout the process. We will undoubtedly be working with Hypha Discovery in the future.”

Jason Boer, Director DMPK

“Hypha Discovery was a huge help to our drug development timeline, when an ADME study revealed significant metabolites that were challenging to synthesize chemically. Hypha was able to rapidly reproduce the metabolites to confirm chemical structure, and then scale up to support nonclinical testing and bioanalytical method development, with far greater speed than chemical synthesis could achieve. The Hypha people were very pleasant to work with and the material they produced was of very high quality, which rounded out an overall great experience. I would recommend them without reservation.”

Senior VP Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharma company, San Diego, USA

“The process of screening, scale-up and analysis of metabolites was truly seamless. We appreciated Hypha’s expertise and flexibility in providing us with different options to meet our needs. They are a valuable partner for tackling any metabolite isolation questions and a pleasure to work with.”

Director of DMPK

Biotech company, Montreal. Canada

“It has been a pleasure working with Hypha for this project. The knowledge gained has a substantial impact on the Phase 3 program. It is great to understand your platform and how it can assist us with metabolites or diversification of new discovery compounds.”

Director of CMC

Pharma company, Massachusetts, USA

“Hypha Discovery has been a valuable metabolite ID partner. Hypha have provided biotransformation, metabolite purification and structure elucidation answers to some of our most challenging metabolism and metabolite ID problems. We really appreciate the breadth of expertise available at Hypha Discovery and will definitely reach out for future work.”

Director of DMPK, Pharma company

Cambridge MA, USA

Gilead logo

“Upon hearing of Hypha’s expertise in microbial transformation, we were intrigued to explore whether it might be useful for exploring the incorporation of polar groups into lead molecules in ways that were independent of synthetic considerations. We piloted two compounds from two separate projects with Hypha, choosing examples that we knew to have moderate microsomal stability. We were very pleasantly surprised at the productive outcome where microbial incorporation of a hydroxyl group on a t-butyl substituent boosted the potency of a kinase inhibitor 20-fold, such that the LLE was increased by an extraordinary 2.6 units.”

Will Watkins, VP Medicinal Chemistry,

“We approached Hypha Discovery for the preparation of 10-50 mg quantities of two API metabolites that had proven difficult to synthesise chemically. The project was highly successful, combining beautifully executed multi-disciplinary science with clear and responsive communications; the collaboration was a genuine pleasure. I have no hesitation in recommending Hypha to others for metabolite generation and scale-up.”

Head of CMC,

UK Pharma company

“One of our lead programs at Cypralis required a natural product fermentation process as the starting point and we turned to Hypha Discovery to help with improvements to the process. Working closely with the Hypha scientists, under funding from an Innovate UK award, the producing strain was modified to yield over 5-fold more of our desired starting material and with a cleaner purity profile. These modifications will enable Cypralis to transition the process to large scale to support our pre-clinical studies. Working with the Hypha group has been a very rewarding experience and we look forward to future collaborations.”

Michael Peel, Chief Scientific Officer

“We worked with Hypha discovery to synthesize metabolites via a chemical approach in enough quantities for pharmacology studies for one of our products. Hypha has well understood our request and provided a very good quality of service in time, in quantity and quality with the needed level of regular communication. We will work certainly with them in the future and will recommend them.”

Laure Navarre, Director Process Chemistry

“We would like to mention that it has been a pleasure to work with Hypha in this project. We are really satisfied with how the collaboration has progressed, reaching the defined goals and timelines in a very efficient manner. Access of hydroxylated compounds through PolyCYPs has saved our company time and resources. We are sure that we will have more opportunities to work together in the future.”

Program Leader

European Pharma company

Syngenta Logo

“We have used Hypha Discovery to provide samples of several pesticidal natural products by fermentation. We find them good people to work with. They provide a flexible and reliable service, meeting agreed deadlines, and so far, have always provided us with the target compounds. We are pleased to recommend Hypha Discovery. Certainly, we plan to continue to work with them.”

Dianne Irwin, Principal Research Chemist

“We sure appreciate working with Hypha who helped us prepare larger quantities of a difficult-to-synthesize metabolite of praliciguat.”

Jim Sheppeck, Discovery Program Leader

“When the need to generate, and characterize, oxidative metabolites of a complex natural product emerged, Scynexis recognized that direct synthesis may be difficult and instead turned to Hypha Discovery to explore biosynthetic opportunities. The Hypha team was extremely professional in their approach to the problem and rapidly identified organisms that produced the desired metabolites. The group then went on to scale-up the biosynthesis such that full structural characterization was achieved. Scynexis appreciates the problem solving abilities of the Hypha team and will certainly turn to their expertise for further projects when needed.”

David Angulo, Chief Medical Officer

“In the context of a customer project, Selcia requested Hypha Discovery to produce a target molecule by microbial fermentation in sufficient quantity for an exploratory chemistry programme. Not only did Hypha Discovery deliver to our full satisfaction, as an added benefit we obtained a strain with improved productivity and reproducible protocols for fermentation, extraction, and purification of the target molecule. This, in turn, resulted in a highly satisfied Selcia customer. Should the occasion arise again, I will certainly turn to Hypha Discovery first.”

Hans Fliri, Former Managing Director

“Hypha Discovery very efficiently purified and identified bioactive molecules from microbial extracts. The work was on behalf of major pharma and agchem companies, and Hypha Discovery certainly didn’t let us down. “

Jean-Marc Seng, Managing Director

“Hypha Discovery came highly recommended and we subsequently contracted with Hypha to extract and purify metabolites out of rabbit urine. As they were so successful with that extraction, we again requested help for a second program to extract metabolites from human urine and/or synthesize/biosynthesize 3 metabolites. As expected, Hypha has been successful preparing these metabolite reference standards along with structural elucidation and certificates of analysis. In addition, synthesis of one of the metabolites had been attempted at 2 other labs without success; however, Hypha was able to synthesize this difficult metabolite which allowed us to do further evaluations on the metabolite. Hypha has exceeded our expectations and is now a ‘go to’ lab for biosynthesis/ synthesis / purification. Hypha’s team was a pleasure to work with and our complicated projects were handled with expertise and professionalism. Their excellent scientific communication and project data were extremely comprehensive and we received updates throughout the process. We will definitely be Hypha Discovery clients for life”

Head of Toxicology/DMPK

US Pharma company

Crestone logo

“Hypha Discovery did a fantastic job synthesizing N– and O– glucuronides of our clinical stage drug substance. The project updates were detailed, our questions were answered in a timely manner, and the overall timeline was maintained. Hypha was highly recommended to us and I would not hesitate to recommend them to a colleague.”

Joshua Day, Director of Chemistry


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