Major Human Circulating Diglucuronide of GDC-0810


Major human circulating diglucuronide of GDC-0810

Our paper pick for July 2023 is an interesting and rare example of a discrete diglucuronide formed by glucuronidation on two different functional groups to a major circulating metabolite in humans.

M2 is predominantly formed from sequential acyl glucuronidation in the intestines followed by N-glucuronidation in the liver.

There are a few interesting facets to this biotransformation; firstly that N-glucuronidation being more common in humans due to the activity of UGT1A4 and UGT2B10, results in the absence of M4 in animal species. Secondly that acyl glucuronidation to M6 was generally compartmentalised in the intestine rather than the liver due to the involvement of UGTs 1A8/1A7 and 1A1. These elements help explain the unpredicted appearance of the discrete diglucuronide M2 as a major circulating metabolite in humans.


Diglucuronidation of GDC-0810 in humans

Chenghong Zhang, Dian Su, Edna F. Choo, Lichuan Liu, Sudheer Bobba, Jamie Jorski, Quynh Ho, Jing Wang, Jane Kenny, S Cyrus Khojasteh and Donglu Zhang

Drug Metabolism and Disposition June 22, 2023, DMD-MR-2022-001071; DOI:

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