Q1 2022 Newsletter – API degradation products and impurities

Q1 2022 Newsletter – API degradation products and steroid metabolism

Our new service for accessing API degradation products and impurities is featured in Hypha’s Q1 2022 newsletter.

Hypha Chemists have designed a set of late-stage chemical oxidation conditions, resulting in a toolbox for the synthesis and identification of API degradation products. The utility of this toolbox is exemplified by the products obtained from oxidation of the drug risperidone.

Risperidone chemical oxidation products


Complementing this synthetic toolbox is our expertise in purification and structure elucidation, which allows the identification of impurities that emerge during shelf-life studies.

Also highlighted is the work our Recombinant Technologies Team have done to further develop PolyCYPs enzymes. Exemplified is the CYP active site engineering performed to increase the specificity of hydroxylation of a steroid compound.

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