Agrochemical Metabolites Brochure

Access our Agrochemical Metabolites Brochure to find out how we make oxidised and conjugated metabolites of agrochemical compounds.

Hypha’s One-Stop Metabolite Shop enables access to mammalian, plant and soil derived metabolites to support definitive regulatory studies, as part of the registration requirements for agrochemicals. We use chemical synthesis, microbial biotransformation, mammalian tissue fractions (multiple species of S9s and microsomes) plus recombinant enzymes such as PolyCYPs and glycosyltransferases.

  • Oxidised and reduced metabolites
  • Conjugated metabolites, including O-, acyl, N- & N-carbamoyl glucuronides, glucosides & sulfates.
  • Multiple metabolites and multi-step metabolites
  • Purification of metabolites and manufacturing impurities
  • Structure elucidation by cryoprobe NMR spectroscopy
  • Provision of Certificates of Analysis including qNMR
  • Scalable to multi-gram amounts
  • Formulation know-how for poorly-soluble compounds
  • Cold, stable-labelled and radiolabelled metabolites


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