PolarExplorer Brochure

Learn about the application of PolyCYPs enzymes for late-stage oxidation in Hypha’s PolarExplorer brochure.

Hypha’s PolarExplorer late-stage functionalisation service delivers multiple oxidised derivatives of drugs and other small molecules through biocatalysis.

PolarExplorer uses PolyCYPs® enzymes to provide a quick late-stage route to hydroxylate aliphatic or aromatic moieties at multiple sites in parallel, including metabolically susceptible positions. Both CYP-derived human metabolites and other oxidised derivatives can then be accessed simultaneously for structure elucidation and biological testing.

PolarExplorer Benefits

  • Produce derivatives with improved potency or selectivity
  • Identify CYO mediated metabolites and metabolic hot spots
  • Probe for beneficial polar interactions
  • Improve DMPK properties
  • Expand SAR understanding and exemplify active metabolites in patents


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