Metabolite Synthesis Brochure

Download this useful resource on how Hypha approach making metabolites of drugs and agrochemicals featuring a variety of interesting case studies.

We offer a comprehensive suite of techniques for provision of even the most difficult-to-synthesize metabolites, comprising chemical synthesis, recombinant enzymes, microbial biotransformation, mammalian liver fractions, in addition to the purification of metabolites from biological matrices. Hypha scientists are also experts in structural elucidation via NMR spectroscopy.

Our one-stop metabolite shop strategy allows production of phase 1 and 2 metabolites from microgram scale for definitive MetID, and up to multi mg / gram scale for further biological evaluation and provision of certified bioanalytical standards.

Hypha are experts in metabolite synthesis and purification and a trusted supplier of metabolites to support development programs in pharma and agrochemical companies and institutes worldwide, as well as organizations in other sectors.

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