Glucuronide Metabolites, Why Bother?

Glucuronide Metabolites, Why Bother?

We recently enjoyed hosting some popular and interactive webinars on “Glucuronide Metabolites, Why Bother?” If you missed this webinar and would like a link to the recording, please contact us for a recording link.

Abstract: The impact of conjugation of drugs by glucuronidation has attracted more interest in recent years. Evolution of drug design strategies away from single CYP mediated mechanisms towards more metabolically stable drugs has resulted in an increase in clearance by mechanisms such as glucuronidation. Metabolism of drugs by UDP-glucuronosyltransferases (UGTs) is the most important phase II route of metabolism resulting in the formation of 0-, N– and acyl glucuronides. In this webinar, we explored the need and routes to accessing different types of glucuronides, illustrated using case studies from the literature as well as recent examples from projects undertaken for Hypha’s clients.

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