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We’re proud of our team for the recent successful delivery of a client project using Hypha’s One-Stop Metabolite Shop approach. Metabolites of two drug substances were provided, using microbial biotransformation for one drug compound and late-stage chemical synthesis for the other.

We always really appreciate receiving feedback from a client. This time we celebrate project success for Alkermes for whom we used our PolarExplorer platform to deliver novel hydroxylated derivatives of some of their lead compounds. PolarExplorer uses Hypha’s PolyCYPs enzymes to create multiple hydroxylated derivatives of drugs in parallel.

Our newsletter for Q1 2021 features a commentary on the perceived increase in requests to access N-glucuronides, as well as highlighting Hypha’s solutions for synthesising and characterizing these and other types of glucuronide metabolites, as part of the tools in our One-Stop Metabolite Shop approach.

Project Manager and Head of Chemistry Richard Phipps, together with Hypha scientists Renia Gemmell, Chloe Herring and Chris Drake have received great feedback for the successful completion of a challenging metabolite project for a US pharma client. The project involved multiple disciplines of microbial biotransformation, purification and structure elucidation.

Check out a new white paper describing the joint efforts of Hypha and Galchimia, who together successfully synthesised metabolites of the herbicide napropamide using a complementary approach of chemical synthesis and microbial biotransformation. The joint project was successful in providing a comprehensive family of compounds relevant for the risk assessment of napropamide.

Hypha were honoured to be asked to contribute a chapter on “Metabolite Generation and Metabolite Characterization by NMR” in the book just published on “Identification and Quantification of Drugs, Metabolites, Drug Metabolizing Enzymes, and Transporters”, edited by Shuguang Ma and Swapan Chowdhury.

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